NJ Kitchen Traditions By Pro Skill

   Most of us already have our "ways" of doing Thanksgiving — ways our mother did it, ways our extended family did it, ways our area of the country did it. Historically, celebrating Thanksgiving doesn't lend itself well to trying out new things, but sometimes the situation calls for new decisions — you can't make it home for Thanksgiving, for example, or you have a family now and want to start traditions of your own.

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Make A Better Bedroom For Sleep

    Sleep can seem like an elusive friend for many of us at times. Poor sleep is almost always the chief complaint among busy, working adults. So many things can interfere with our sleep! It may seem like there's nothing we can do to reduce stress, shorten workdays or calm busy families. But there is a lot we can do to create a healthier bedroom that is more conducive to better sleep. Remember these 5 C's to create a more ideal environment in your bedroom for better sleep and better health!

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NJ Kitchen Design Vent Hood

One of last year's biggest trends was metallic finishes, be it copper, brass or bronze. Most homeowners incorporated these items in small helpings of metal, primarily using faucets, pendant lights and cabinet pulls to incorporate this raw texture. This year we have seen metal assume a more dominant role in kitchen aesthetics and dominate the vent hood arena. Stainless Steel has completely trumped wood as the range hood of choice in part due to it's function and ease of cleaning.

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