Industrial Kitchen Design In NJ

  Without knowing it, you've been watching industrial design elements sneak in to the everyday. High arc commercial-style faucets, light fixtures with exposed bulbs...sound familiar? Industrial design was born out of efficiency; it celebrates humility, practicality and affordability. Several decades ago this work-horse of the design world morphed out of commercial kitchens and urban lofts and moved to contemporary penthouses and now straight into suburbia. And there are few places in the house which revel in the beauty and unassuming ease of the industrial style as much as the kitchen.

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  No matter how much we love our kitchens, no one is a big fan of cleaning them. Kitchens, unlike many rooms in the house, can actually have harmful germs from raw meats or unwashed foods that need to be properly dealt with. So how to clean, when to clean, what to clean all matter just a little bit more. And those who like to cook know that a mess is an easy thing to make is even the most functional of spaces! Try these ideas to help you make that beautiful kitchen shine:

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NJ Natural Swimming Pools

  The average NJ backyard pool is an inviting but an oddly unnatural thing: a rectangular hole filled with water, in which nothing grows thanks to a regular infusion of chemicals. It's a far cry from the swimming holes of old. But a new wave of green pools (also known as natural swimming pools) is changing all that, bringing the experience of backyard swimming a little closer to nature, and transforming the private swimming pool into a much more environmentally friendly prospect.

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