Our homes can be valued and judged on their surroundings. Homes without backyards may be valued lower or at least differently than those with yards and, when for sale, may find it harder to break through the market. Moreover, while having a backyard may be a net asset for both your home's value and potential on the resale market in most cases, having a large or unkempt yard may result in the exact opposite effect.  So how do you add the appropriate amount of investment, activity and appeal to your backyard? We have 4 ideas to spice up your backyard with a single feature...

  • Firepits and Fireplaces
    • ​These can be simple to extravagent. DIY to professionally designed and created. To know where yours should fit in to that spectrum, decide how much you want to spend - how much work you want to put in to it yourself - and what your town and neighborhood regulations are. Get some outdoor fireplace and firepit inspiration from Pro Skill on Pinterest!

  • Hang A Hammock

    • A hammock is an easy to install relaxing bed made out of a sturdy net-like material or cloth. You can relax out in your backyard with a pillow, blanket, and book under the stars. All you have to do is string the hammock up between two trees. Add some decorative pillows. Maybe a little table for your drink. Pretty simple huh?

  • Add A Water Feature

    • Turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis with a backyard waterfall or a fountain. A rippling waterfall will provide the peace and tranquility you’ll need after a long hard day -- the sound is amazing! They can be fairly easy to create with just some rocks and a water system. They can also be large, intricate and beautiful Be sure to research your city’s laws and requirements to avoid any missteps and contact a professional if needed.

  • Install An Outdoor Kitchen

    • ​This is a more complicated addition best left to a renovation professional like Pro Skill to get the most out of your space as well as your budget. An outdoor kitchen can include anything you wish: A grill, A refrigerator, A sink, you name it. Take your Bar-B-Que’s to the next level, by moving everything outside -- even the kitchen sink!


Outdoor Kitchens